Royalty Free Music for Film Students and Educators

LoboLab is now happy to offer royalty free music for Film students and educators, including songs for films and instrumental music film scores. If you are looking for high-quality royalty free music for films, shorts or full features, contact us at and provide us the details of what you need. Our royalty free music selection provides you with tracks you need to complete a variety of educational, personal, and non-profit projects.

All the available royalty free music is unique and can enhance and, in concert with our vision, take any film, television or video project to the next level. If you're a Film Producer, Editor, Director or Music Supervisor, you will find all styles of royalty free music to suit many genres of film, television program or video production project, ranging from exquisite guitar work in the Alternative/Rock styles, through Ambient/New Age, to Electronica and Funk.

All the original score music is composed and performed by professional musicians and artists celebrated in their field, and will satisfy even the most specific needs of producers, directors and project coordinators.


Song and Music Licensing - We have an ever-growing catalogue of songs and cues available for direct licensing.


Songwriting Commissions - We write and produce songs for specific film and television projects. Every film is unique - we think visually.

Digital Audio Transfer - We will transfer your stereo soundtrack to 5.1 Surround Sound & to 7.1 Blu-rayTM.

Audio Production Services - We provide professional sound supervising: ADR recording, voiceover, sound mix engineering, editing, field recording, design, effects recording & editing, mixing, editing & mixing, boom operator, digital archiving, FOLEY recording, dolby noise reduction, signal boosting and audio syncing.


Songwriting and Music Production Services - We produce, mix, arrange and write, assisting in all facets of the recording process. We also help artists place songs in film and television. We strive to create an exceptional sound that is true to an artist's vision.