Peter Lobo is a versatile composer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He collaborated on soundtracks for Emmy Nominee "The Muppets' Wizard of OZ" with Ashanti (Warner Bros./Disney), "Bollywood Hero" with Chris Kattan (HBO/IFC), "Death for Toys" AFI and many more, including independent international and national films, radio, and TV commercial soundtracks for USA Networks and MTV.
Peter composed songs for world famed artists including Dawn Robinson of En Vogue and performed in grand tours with acts such as, Juliette and The Licks - supporting The Darkness and is a Music Director for The Dre Allen Project.

Peter Lobo: Flowing Water

Flowing Water, the latest instrumental guitar album from Peter Lobo, showcases his versatility, emotion, and takes the listener onto a cinematic journey through space and time. Overflowing with vibrant sounds, his music is what imagination sounds like. The relaxing tones and hypnotic rhythms and melodies will leave you yearning for more...

Early life and career
Peter Lobo has a love for diverse musical styles. He spent his childhood living and traveling throughout Europe. At age six he began classical music school. Peter Lobo was twelve when he wrote his first song, and by the time he turned seventeen he played percussion instruments in the Symphonic Orchestra, and was hired as a professional guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist in rock bands. He also started his own bands where he was the main songwriter.

New York
Peter Lobo started his first steady gig as a lead blues guitar player after moving to New York City in 1994. He was hired as a sound engineer assistant at Quad Studios in Time Square. Artists he worked with include Yoko Ono and Whitney Houston. Peter Lobo also enrolled in Queens College majoring in Performing Arts with Music.
Soon after, much of his time was spent gigging with, Mahavatar, one of NYC's top heavy metal bands. "The Time Has Come," a song co-written by Lobo, held the 1 position on for 10 weeks. He collaborated with Gordon Raphael (producer of The Strokes) on several projects at the Transporter Raum Recording Studio in East Village. During that time he recorded many TV and radio jingles. Cannonball Run 2001 was the most played commercial in the history of USA Networks.

In 2002, Lobo moved to Dallas, Texas.
He worked as a musician, engineer, and producer at Goodnight Audio Recording Studio (formerly known as BusStop).
He was brought in to engineer the movie soundtrack for, "Grand Champion," starring Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis.
He participated in numerous side projects such as playing with bands, Lexic and %18Greyhound.

Los Angeles
After moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Lobo's main focus became drumming. It wasn't long before he was a well-known and respected drummer, putting in many session hours at major studios including Paramount, Universal, and Private Island. Lobo worked with respected producers, such as, Marc DeSisto (Pink Floyd, U2), and Brandon Christy (Robbie Williams). Lobo and Christy worked together on Disney's, "The Muppet's Wizard of Oz." Next, he toured with Juliette and the Licks - supporting The Darkness. He also wrote many songs for other artists. They include Dawn Robinson and Dre Allen's, "Programming," and, "Fly," which sold 50,000 copies and reached the top 10 on MTV UK.

In 2006, Lobo shifted his focus back on to guitar playing and production. He recorded original compositions at his studio, LoboLab, using both Pro Tools and Logic. He was awarded by Billboard for, "Sweet Dream." Lobo toured with Samantha Stollenwerk as a duo performing co-written songs. They opened for Ziggy Marley, Blues Traveler, The Dave Matthews Band, Paula Cole, Bob Schneider, and Robert Randolph and the Family.

In early 2008 Lobo collaborated with David Bergeaud and Renfey as a co-producer, songwriter, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. List of recent artists and projects includes: Chris Porter (Comedy Central), Peter Gordeno (Depeche Mode), Jimmy Paxson (Stevie Nicks), Sunnie Paxson (Stanley Clark), Koko Powell (Edgar Winter), Chris Standring, Max Beesely, Jenny Alpert, Annie Miles (Milestone Recording Studio), Arnie Geher, film and commercial soundtracks.